CAFA Mentor Match-Up Program

CAFA Mentor Match-Up Program

The CAFA Section of the Austin Bar Association is really excited to offer a new mentoring opportunity to our members.


  1. To allow those with more experience to share their knowledge.
  2. To allow those with less experience to avoid having to reinvent the wheel.
  3. To encourage and support more attorneys joining our CAFA list and CAFA Section.
  4. To allow those attorneys whom the Court requires receive mentoring before they can accept appointments to do so.


  1. CAFA cannot vouch for or vet any mentor beyond what is included below.
  2. Every attorney is ultimately responsible for his or her own work and for following the ethical guidelines inherent in the practice of law.

How can I be a mentor?

            Have you practiced in the area of CPS law for five years or more?  Are you a member of the CAFA Section?                                                     THEN YOU CAN BE A MENTOR!

How can I be a mentee?

Have you completed all the CLE required to receive appointments in Travis County CPS cases?  Are you a member of the CAFA Section?        THEN YOU CAN BE A MENTEE!

Requirements for the Mentor:

  1. Agree to mentor for six months.
  2. Attend at least one hearing of the Mentee’s to offer feedback on courtroom presentation.
  3. Share basic forms (answer, request/answer discovery, etc.)
  4. Meet at least twice in person over the six months to discuss specific cases of the Mentee’s and offer strategic help and feedback, and answer questions.
  5. Be available via phone or email to answer questions, as schedules allow.

Requirements for the Mentee:

  1. Attend at least two hearings of the Mentor’s to observe and discuss afterwards with the Mentor.


I want to be a MENTOR /  MENTEE!


I agree to comply by the rules of the CAFA Mentorship Program.