Court Appointed Family Advocates

2014 CAFA Annual Meeting

Hello!  Our annual meeting is Wednesday, June 18 from 3-5 with a happy hour to follow.  All will take place at the Austin Bar Association offices at 816 Congress Avenue, Suite 700.  The cost is $25.00 for members and $40.00 for non members.  Parking and refreshments – happy hour style – included.


Bree Buchanan, with the State Bar Texas Lawyers Assistance Program, will speak on compassion fatigue.  Tim Hutton and Belinda Roberts will follow up with tips on being an organized attorney doing child welfare work and using technology to get you there (and keep you there!).  We have applied for two hours of CLE in ethics.


The CLE will be followed by a happy hour at the Austin Bar office.  We will also be electing officers for this next year which term will begin July 1.


The following have been nominated:

Chair – Ian Pittman will move from Chair Elect to Chair and Pam Sigman will move to Past Chair

Chair Elect – Mae Carter

Secretary – Mark Swanson

Treasurer – Margaret Lalk

CLE – Belinda Roberts

Mentor – Karen Wang

Social – Tim Mahoney

At Large – Aurora Martinez Jones

At Large – Robynn Fletcher


Write in candidates can be added to the ballot at the election.


Thank you to board members, Karen Langsley and Christine Andresen, who will be moving off the board from at large positions, but who we’ve been promised will continue to actively participate on the list serve.  Thank you both for your many years of service to CAFA!!


We also have other attorneys helping us with the many projects of the Model Court.  Renee Castillo-De La Cruz attends the Case Transfers Workgroup.  Rita Hecker Anderson and Kim Vincent participate in the Missing Foster Youth Workgroup.  Tiffany Crouch Bartlett and I represented us at a Focus Group on Mediation.  Margi Lalk and I attend the Docket Management meetings.  Aurora Martinez Jones chairs the Disproportionality Sub Committee. Robynn Fletcher participates in the Crossover Docket Sub Committee. As chair, I attend the model court executive committee meetings which will be passed on to Ian Pittman.


If you are not a member of CAFA or have let your membership lapse, please consider joining us.  You must be a member of the Austin Bar and then CAFA dues are $30.00 per year.  CAFA provides us with many CLE opportunities at a reduced rate.  And, as you can see, CAFA also supports participation in the many committee meetings and workgroups occurring in our practice area.  CAFA needs your support!


Thanks to everyone for your time and help in making sure CAFA is represented where decisions are made regarding our practice in this area!


(Please let me know if you plan to attend on June 18.  An RSVP is not required, but we would like an idea of how many we need to provide “refreshments” for!  My email is )


See you on the 18th!




Pam Sigman

Sigman & Sigman, LLP

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Austin, TX 78756


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